• Lucas – Rotorua

    “Bespoke, yet extremely professional, Dean immediately puts you at ease with his confident manner and inspirited consultation.

    I’ve already gotten compliments and feedback on how natural my new look so really happy what a game changer!

    Dean was really welcoming on the day of the consultation. I found it really easy to communicate and express what I wanted to achieve and Deans recommendations were on point.

    Dean was really welcoming on the day of the consultation. I found it really easy to communicate and express what I wanted to achieve and Deans recommendations were on point.

    I did my homework extensive research on Scalp Micro Pigmentation over several weeks checking quality of work being paramount and of course price comparisons.

    I found The Shadow Clinic to be in my opinion the best value and most importantly quality of work with the experience. The natural-look and lines fooling even my closest of friends and family members. Thanks Dean and the Shadow Clinic.”

  • Dan..

    Well I am happy to say that it is very natural looking and that the end result is excellent. My wife likes it and my children do too! So I highly recommend David and the Shadow clinic to you.”

  • Dan.

    I booked in and now it is a few weeks after my final treatment. I’m very happy with the result. Like most people I wanted it to be natural looking.

  • Dan

    After doing my research I went in to see David at The Shadow Clinic to discuss smp. I had previously been to and spoken to several other clinics but for me it’s also about the practitioner. From the outset he made me feel comfortable and as we spoke I was more and more confident of his ability to do this procedure.

  • Bravo guys:)

    Bravo guys:)

    Was not sure at all about getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation or the results I would get afterwards. Once I talked to The Shadow Clinic over the phone I felt more at ease and willing to go further. After my consultation I was sold and by chance could squeeze in for my first procedure then. The service was great. We spent a great deal of time discussing different hairlines shapes, colours and density. The knowledge and honest opinions of what would look best for me was actually not originally what was in my mind, it was better. I went with their recommendations for my new look and am very happy. Bravo guys:)

    Paul QLD

  • The best thing I have done for myself

    The best thing I have done for myself

    Getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation was the best thing I have done for myself. I now have an extra hour free in my day to do nothing LOL or something more exciting then putting concealer over my baldness. I never accepted loosing hair on the top of my crown and to hide it I had to go through copious amounts of concealer daily. I could not rest my head anywhere, had to watch out for rain and so many other things just to keep it on my head. I can laugh now at the whole ackward situation I was putting myself in thanks to my 3 unbelievably quick visits to The Shadow Clinic. Now I feel free and confident. Cheers.


  • I now have confidence I never knew I had

    I now have confidence I never knew I had

    I wanted to hide my Hair Transplant Scars I received after a costly surgical treatment. I googled scar camouflage and The Shadow Clinic come up. I looked through their Scalp pigmentation before and after photos and i could not believe my eyes. I was thinking this must be photoshop and if its real I was very excited. I phoned Ricky and he seemed very professional and said send me your head and hair photos so i did. He in turn emailed me with a Hair Tattoo quote. I thought this is very reasonable and compared to the hair transplant costs this is very good. I went in the first time and had the scars camouflaged and i was amazed at the results On that same day i made a further appointment to have my front receeding hair line done as well. Now that i have had the entire Scalp Micro pigmentation proceedure to enhance my hair transplant & cover up my scar my appearance to me and all my mates is simply outstanding! Yesterday we went out with some friends and family and so many people commented on how I looked. I did not mention to those who did not know about my Scalp Pigmentation that that was why. Thanks heaps Ricky my life is heaps more enjoyable now and I have confidence I never knew I had sinse I was a child with a big head of hair. Cheers.

    David Christchurch NZ

  • It was a really professional experience.

    It’s hard to explain too others who have hair, that you don’t feel complete as a man. I now just want anyone who is like me to know about this and how awesome it can make you feel. I was surprised that my brother and wife couldn’t workout what I had done. They asked if I did Botox as I just looked more groomed. Thank you so much it was really professional experience.

    GK - New Zealand

  • Thanks heaps Rik for all your help

    I found The Shadow Clinic through a friend that had got Scalp Pigmentation done there. When he was telling me about the treatment before he got it done I was thinking Hair tattoo? No way, that sounds weird and won’t look real at all. Man I had to eat my words when I saw him after his first treatment. It looked sweet as and I was in LOL. I had a receding Hairline and a blow hole my wife likes to call it on the crown of my head that got me down big time. I had my hair short so getting Micro Scalp pigmentation and keeping it short was perfect. Thanks heaps Rik for all your help.

    Joe Manukau NZ

  • Since the treatment he has never looked back

    Hello, happy to give a testimony on Rickies work:) My husband got the Scalp pigmentation a year ago by The Shadow Clinic in Sydney. We went over there for an expo so killed two birds with one stone. He used to wear a wig and we have been married for 6 years. It seems strange and unbelievable but at night he would wait until the lights were turned off before he would finally take that dreadful wig off and go to sleep. Ive seen his head I few times “accidentally” LOL and really thought,,, so what its not that bad. He had like a bald top with the horse shoe type shape baldness at the back. Not to him though, he hated it. Since he has received Micro Scalp Pigmentation he has never looked back, the wig is in the bin and I feel like I better go and get my own hair colour done more often to look as good as he does haha. Seriously Thankyou The Shadow Clinic for your sincerity and care. Thanks heaps:)


    Vivienne Christchurch