Hiding Hairloss

Many of our Hair loss clients have spent countless hours, months, even years hiding their hair loss prior to scalp micro pigmentation. The stories shared have been heart wrenching and some of them quite unbelievable.

One common technique of hiding hair loss and a universal practice is the “Comb over”. The hair on the upper left or right side of the head is deliberately grown out to be combed across and over the baldness of the crown. A restoration effort that in the past has been mocked and laughed at. The down side of this type of hair loss evasion is that the” comb over” is easily disrupted by physical activity or wind. The strands of longer hair are lifted upwards and back onto the growth side of the head exposing the baldness. The look of this is unnatural and the emotional side of being caught out trying to hide a part of the body the person finds undesirable can be embarrassing.

Wigs or Hair pieces are a very popular option to hide hair loss and create the illusion of a full head of hair. Wigs are available in different head sizes, colours, synthetic fibres and real human hair. The costs of these vary greatly from a lower scale of $220 for a reasonably good quality synthetic wig to a custom made Human hair wig reaching up to tens of thousands of dollars. Wigs are an excellent choice for people experiencing temporary hair loss from chemotherapy especially if they are young.

Many of our Hair loss clients have worn wigs prior to seeking our help. The wig served the purpose for them but in many cases clients had been married for years and their partners were yet to see them with their wig or hair piece removed. To us at The Shadow Clinic this is not freedom or a carefree life style amongst your peers.

Topical concealer is another lucrative product within the hair loss industry and great for hiding hair loss temporarily or before the area of the hair loss increases and the product becomes less effective. Electrostatic micro fibers which are refined light weight particles in a salt and pepper like container can be applied to existing hair to bulk up the natural fibres. The down side to this Hair loss hiding technique is it is temporary, messy and can dislodge easily in the rain, wind or every day outings with friends.

Instead of concealing hair loss many males shave their heads. This is a globally acceptable look amongst the general public without mockery or judgement. The Shadow Clinic technique compliments this look by simulating Hair follicles onto the shaved scalp. The density count of replicated hair follicles will match and increase whatever natural hair follicles remain if any, to give the most natural full head of hair look. No wind, physical activity or time wasting concealment will compromise our technique and your new carefree look.